Sinkholes- Are you covered?

The answer is, unfortunately, "Probably Not"...and the results can be devastating.

The most common homeowner insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for "Earth Movement" which includes:
a. Earthquake, including land shock waves or tremors before, during or after a volcanic eruption;
b. Landslide, mudslide or mudflow;
c. Subsidence or sinkhole; or
d. Any other earth movement including earth sinking, rising or shifting

If you think that you dont need coverage for Sinkhole here in Massachusetts, it would be wise to think again. Massachusetts has already suffered Sinkholes!

-Road buckles in Fall River creating huge sinkhole
March 30, 2010
-Water main break causes sinkhole in Lowell
October 12, 2011
-17 foot deep sinkhole emerges in Holyoke
March 13, 2013

Coverage is available to you with an endorsement to your homeowners policy. Contact your Local Independant Agent to discuss your options.

Do you NEED Sinkhole coverage? How lucky do you feel today?
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